18A.5 Regulating sale and promotion of smokeless tobacco, other jurisdictions

Last updated: July 2020
Suggested citation:
Hanley-Jones, S. InDepth 18A.5 Regulating sale and promotion of smokeless tobacco, other jurisdictions. In Greenhalgh, EM, Scollo, MM and Winstanley, MH [editors]. Tobacco in Australia: Facts and issues. Melbourne: Cancer Council Victoria; 2020. Available from: http://www.tobaccoinaustralia.org.au/chapter-18-harm-reduction/indepth-18a-smokeless-tobacco 


Nine key recommendations for smokeless tobacco control have been issued by WHO FCTC and include:

  • ‘all forms of tobacco products should be explicitly included under the legal definition for comprehensive regulation of traditional or novel smoking and smokeless tobacco products
  • taxation of all kinds of tobacco products without any exemptions should be considered, and at a rate uniform with other comparable products and adjusted to inflation and income growth
  • standard operating procedures for testing key contents of smokeless tobacco products and comprehensive guidelines for Articles 9 and 10, with special reference to smokeless tobacco for adoption by COP9, should be developed, verified, and validated
  • multiple messages relevant to smokeless tobacco products should be identified for pictorial warnings and packaging should be standardised so that health warnings on smokeless tobacco products are clearly visible
  • locally relevant, tailor-made comprehensive educational campaigns should be developed and implemented to dispel myths related to smokeless tobacco use among specific target populations to change tobacco use behaviour
  • comprehensive tobacco-related advertising, promotion, and sponsorship bans for smokeless tobacco, including cross-border bans, should be implemented
  • health professionals should be trained to provide behavioural interventions specifically for smokeless tobacco cessation, and their capacity to implement cessation interventions should be improved
  • sale of smokeless tobacco products to and use by minors should be prevented while implementing the comprehensive provisions under Article 16
  • smokeless tobacco use patterns and trends should be monitored, as well as its effects on health, economic, social and environmental aspects, for implementing comprehensive smokeless tobacco control policies globally.’1



1. Mehrotra R, Yadav A, Sinha DN, Parascandola M, John RM, et al. Smokeless tobacco control in 180 countries across the globe: Call to action for full implementation of WHO FCTC measures. Lancet Oncology, 2019; 20(4):e208-e17. Available from: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/30942182