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Tobacco in Australia 

A comprehensive review of the major issues in smoking and health in Australia, compiled by the Cancer Council Victoria.  Production of editions 2 to 4 of this publication has been funded by the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. Ongoing updating is also being funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, with contributions from Cancer Councils in all states and territories, Quit, NSW Health, ACT Health, and ACOSH. 

This work has been produced with the objective of bringing about a reduction in death and disease caused by tobacco use. Much of it has been derived from other published sources and these should be quoted where appropriate. The text may be freely reproduced and figures and graphs (except where reproduced from other sources) may be used, giving appropriate acknowledgement to Cancer Council Victoria.

Editors and authors of this work have tried to ensure that the text is free from errors or inconsistencies. However in a resource of this size it is probable that some irregularities remain. Please notify Cancer Council Victoria if you become aware of matters in the text that require correction.

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Greenhalgh, EM, Scollo, MM and Winstanley, MH. Tobacco in Australia: Facts and issues. Melbourne: Cancer Council Victoria; 2020. Available from www.TobaccoInAustralia.org.au


<Author(s) of relevant chapter section>, <Name of chapter section> in Greenhalgh, EM, Scollo, MM and Winstanley, MH [editors]. Tobacco in Australia: Facts and issues. Melbourne: Cancer Council Victoria; <Date last updated>. Available from <url of relevant chapter or section>

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  • Section 3.17 Inflammatory conditions and autoimmune disease, updated June 2020
  • Section 3.5 Other cancers, updated June 2020
  • Section 3.22 Poorer quality of life and loss of function, updated June 2020
  • Section 3.16 Smoking and diabetes, updated June 2020
  • Section COVID-19 pandemic, updated June 2020
  • Section 1.10, Fig1.10.1 Prevalence of smoking during any stage of pregnancy, updated June 2020
  • Section 3.14 Effects of smoking on the skin, updated June 2020
  • Section 3.10 Eye diseases, updated May 2020
  • Section 3.11 Dental diseases, updated May 2020
  • Section 3.19 Smoking and accidents, updated May 2020
  • Section 5.15 Tobacco advertising and promotion targeted at young people: updated May 2020
  • Section 18B.3 Extent of use: updated May 2020
  • Section 3.12 Gastro-intestinal diseases: updated May 2020
  • Section 3.3 Smoking and cancer: updated May 2020
  • Section 3.9 Increased susceptibility to infection in smokers: updated May 2020
  • Section 3.4 Lung cancer: updated May 2020
  • Section 3.20 Nicotine and carbon monoxide poisoning: updated May 2020
  • Section 18B.6 Potential negative impacts of e-cigarettes: updated May 2020
  • Section 18B.7 Potential positive impacts of e-cigarettes: updated April 2020
  • Chapter 19 The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: updated April 2020
  • Section 5.14 Opportunity to smoke: updated April 2020
  • Section 3.15 The impact of smoking on treatment of disease: updated April 2020
  • Section 18B.2 Advertising and promotion of e-cigarettes: updated April 2020
  • Section 18B.11 Public perceptions of e-cigarettes: updated April 2020
  • Section 5.13 Products and packaging created to appeal to new users: updated April 2020
  • Section 10.7 Market share and brand share in Australia: updated April 2020
  • Section 7.14 Cessation assistance: telephone- and internet-based interventions: updated March 2020
  • Section 7.15 Individual and group-based cessation assistance: updated April 2020
  • Section 7.1 Health and other benefits of quitting: updated March 2020
  • Section 7.16 Pharmacotherapies: updated March 2020
  • Section 9.3 Contribution of smoking to health inequality: updated March 2020
  • Section 3.26 Health effects of brands of tobacco which claim or imply delivery of lower levels of tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide: updated February 2020
  • Section 3.31 Morbidity and mortality due to tobacco-caused disease and socio-economic disadvantage: updated February 2020
  • Section 15.7.10 Summary of smokefree legislation across Australian states and territories: updated February 2020
  • Section 1.10.5 The prison population updated: February 2020
  • Section 9.6.6 Prison populations: updated February 2020
  • Section 7.19.10 Prisoners and others involved in the criminal justice system: updated February 2020
  • Section 5.12 Affordability of tobacco products: updated February 2020
  • Section Types of licences: updated February 2020
  • Section 3.6 Reproductive health: updated February 2020
  • Section 3.7 Pregnancy and smoking: updated February 2020
  • Section 3.8 Child health and maternal smoking before and after birth: updated February 2020
  • Section 1.9 Prevalence of tobacco use among Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders: updated February 2020
  • Section 16.4 Criminal cases against the tobacco industry: updated January 2020
  • Chapter 17 The economics of tobacco control: updated January 2020
  • Chapter 19 The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: updated January 2020
  • Section 8.3 Prevalence of tobacco use among Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders: updated January 2020
  • Earlier updates